JUDCon 2012: China. The JBoss conference by developers, for developers.

JUDCon China was a Resounding Success

The Chinese JBoss Users and Developers Conference (JUDCon), the conference by developers and for developers is now a memory.

With over 600 attendees, the event ran for two days with three tracks that focused on deep dives into JBoss projects and how they benefited developers. We had a great time engaging with the community, discussing the projects, technology, features and in short helping us shape the future of JBoss.

We want to particularly thank again the JBoss Community Leaders, and all of our contributors for giving their precious time to help make JBoss better, and thanks to you all for finding the time to travel to Boston to receive your awards. 

The JBoss Users and Developers Conferences are developer gatherings held around the Globe to give JBoss users the chance to talk to and collaborate with leaders in the JBoss community, and to allow the leaders and core developers to learn from and collaborate with end users.

The core JBoss developers, along with the open source community, create and support the projects that drive innovation and help lead development in standards bodies like the Java Community Process, the Apache Software Foundation, OASIS, W3C and other open standards organizations. Many of these projects become the upstream for Red Hat JBoss products.

JBoss is the leader in cutting edge open source technology for developers World-Wide because JBoss gives developers choice, and helps developer be more productive and get things done. Our broad product portfolio is substantially based on the Java EE platform, but contains platform-neutral technologies such as Project Arquillian, Project Snowdrop for Spring integration, and projects that give developers JVM-hosted languages including Scala, Clojure, Ruby and Ceylon which are able to seamlessly tap into the power of the Java EE platform.