JUDCon 2012: Boston. The JBoss conference by developers, for developers.

Presentations from JUDCon2012:Boston

Day One
Application Platforms and Development (Day One Track One)

The Bird and the Cheetah - A Tale from the Depths of JBoss Application Server by Jesper Pedersen

The Dark Sides of Integration by Anton Arhipov

Deployment of JEE6 apps on OpenShift made easy by Xavier Coulon and André Dietisheim

Building flexible transactional applications using the Narayana TXFramework by Dr Paul Robinson

Migrating Spring to Java EE by Paul Bakker

JBoss AS7/EAP6 - Reflection of 6 Months on-site by Jürgen Hoffmann and Serge Pagop

Introduction to the Ceylon programming language by Emmanuel Bernard and Stéphane Epardaud

Cloud andother Cool Stuff (Day One Track Two)

Java EE in the cloud by Paul Bakker

OpenShift State of the Union, brought to you by JBoss by Eric D. Schabell

"S*, F&#/, I give up" - Pages from the Bad Day at Work Diary by Jesper Pedersen

Mobilize your application using JBoss by Grant Shipley

The Future of the Enterprise Service Bus at JBoss by Tom Cunningham and Keith Babo

jRuby on Steroids - why invokedynamic is a game changer by Douglas Campos

dynjs - (almost) 100% invokedynamic JavaScript implementation by Douglas Campos

Big Data and Persistence (Day One Track Three)

Optimized GlusterFS write-through caching for Infinispan by Manik Surtani and Vijay Bellur

Big Data: Experiments using Apache Hadoop and JBoss Community Projects by Anil Saldhana

Eventual Consistency in Infinispan by Manik Surtani

Infinispan from POC to Production by Mark Addy

Message Groups and MRG-M by Joel Tosi and Ajay Madhavan

Hibernate OGM: JPA for NoSQL by Emmanuel Bernard

Painless Persistence - Best Practices for using JPA2 with Hibernate by Greg Kable and Anthony Patricio

Day Two
Application Platforms and Development (Day Two Track One)

JBoss EAP6 for Spring users: bringing out the best by Marius Bogoevici

JBoss Enterprise Maven Repository - what does it mean for you? by Max Rydahl Andersen

The Rich Web and JBoss Errai by Mike Brock

Introducing The JBoss Developer Framework by Pete Muir and Jason Porter

Making developers life easier with JBoss Developer Studio by Max Rydahl Andersen

Cloud and other Cool Stuff (Day Two Track Two)

There is no Magic, but there is Data Virtualisation by Mark Nolan

JBoss Forge: Productivity, Reliability, and Testability in an Enterprise Environment by Lincoln Baxter III

Deploying the JBoss Portfolio to the Cloud by William DeCoste

Seam 3 Migration: Planning to Production by Trevor Sweeney

NoSQL for the rest of us - a JBoss perspective over those hot tools and how you can use them in your day by day by Edgar Silva and Alexandre Porcelli

Rules, Workflow and SOA (Day Two Track Three)

Using the JBoss ESB in the Implementation of a Standards Compliant Health Information Exchange by John DeStefano and Alex Roman

Web-based BPM with jBPM5 by Tihomir Surdilovic

Deep dive into your business processes using jBPM by Kris Verlaenen

jBPM and Drools go Enterprise by Maciej Swiderski

Enterprise Services Made Easy with SwitchYard by Keith Babo