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Day One: Monday, June 25th

Application Platforms and Development Cloud and other Cool Stuff Big Data and Persistence
9:00 : Check in and Registration
10:00 : Session One
The Bird and the Cheetah - A Tale from the Depths of JBoss Application Server

Jesper Pedersen

Java EE in the cloud

Paul Bakker

Optimized GlusterFS write-through caching for Infinispan

Manik Surtani and Vijay Bellur

11:00 : Session Two
The Dark Sides of Integration

Anton Arhipov

OpenShift State of the Union, brought to you by JBoss

Eric D. Schabell

Big Data:  Experiments using Apache Hadoop and JBoss Community Projects

Anil Saldhana

12:00 : Lunch
1:00 : Session Three
Deployment of JEE6 apps on OpenShift made easy

Xavier Coulon and André Dietisheim

"S*, F&#/, I give up" - Pages from the Bad Day at Work Diary

Jesper Pedersen

Eventual Consistency in Infinispan

Manik Surtani

2:00 : Session Four
Building flexible transactional applications using the Narayana TXFramework

Dr Paul Robinson

Mobilize your application using JBoss

Grant Shipley

Infinispan from POC to Production

Mark Addy

3:00 : Coffee Break
3:30 : Session Five
Migrating Spring to Java EE

Paul Bakker

The Future of the Enterprise Service Bus at JBoss

Tom Cunningham and Keith Babo

Message Groups and MRG-M

Joel Tosi and Ajay Madhavan

4:30 : Session Six
JBoss AS7/EAP6 - Reflection of 6 Months on-site

Jürgen Hoffmann and Serge Pagop

jRuby on Steroids - why invokedynamic is a game changer

Douglas Campos

Hibernate OGM: JPA for NoSQL

Emmanuel Bernard

5:30 : Session Seven
Introduction to the Ceylon programming language

Emmanuel Bernard & Stéphane Epardaud

dynjs - (almost) 100% invokedynamic JavaScript implementation

Douglas Campos

Painless Persistence - Best Practices for using JPA2 with Hibernate

Greg Kable and Anthony Patricio

6:30 : Dinner & JBoss Community Recognition Awards
7:30 : "Why my Project Matters to Developers" Panel
8:30 : JBoss Asylum Podcast
9:30 : Lightning Talks and Hackfest

Day Two: Tuesday, June 26th

Application Platforms and Development Cloud and other Cool Stuff Rules, Workflow and SOA
8:30 : Bagels will be available
9:00 : Session One
JBoss EAP6 for Spring users: bringing out the best

Marius Bogoevici

There is no Magic, but there is Data Virtualisation

Mark Nolan


Using the JBoss ESB in the Implementation of a Standards Compliant Health Information Exchange

John DeStefano and Alex Roman

10:00 : Session Two
JBoss Enterprise Maven Repository - what does it mean for you?

Max Rydahl Andersen

JBoss Forge: Productivity, Reliability, and Testability in an Enterprise Environment

Lincoln Baxter III

Web-based BPM with jBPM5

Tihomir Surdilovic

11:00 : Session Three
The Rich Web and JBoss Errai

Mike Brock

Deploying the JBoss Portfolio to the Cloud

William DeCoste

Deep dive into your business processes using jBPM

Kris Verlaenen

12:00 : Lunch
1:00 : Session Four
Introducing The JBoss Developer Framework

Pete Muir & Jason Porter

Seam 3 Migration: Planning to Production

Trevor Sweeney

jBPM and Drools go Enterprise

Maciej Swiderski

2:00 : Session Four
Making developers life easier with JBoss Developer Studio

Max Rydahl Andersen

NoSQL for the rest of us - a JBoss perspective over those hot tools and how you can use them in your day by day

Edgar Silva & Alexandre Porcelli

Enterprise Services Made Easy with SwitchYard

Keith Babo

4:00 : JBoss World Keynote
5:30 : Open Session of JBoss World
6:30 : Welcome Reception