JUDCon 2011: London. The JBoss conference by developers, for developers.

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Presentations from JUDCon2011:London

Rules, Workflow, SOA and EAI

Bin packing with Drools Planner: scheduling processes on cloud servers
Geoffrey De Smet (JBoss, by Red Hat)

BPM(N) using jBPM5 and beyond
Kris Verlaenen (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Elastic SOA on the Cloud
Steve Millidge (C2B2)

Launching into the future with the jBPM Migration Project
Eric D. Schabell (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Wide-area Migration with Monterey, AS7, Seam, and jclouds
Alex Heneveld (Cloudsoft)

Portal - Lego set for app development.
Boleslaw Dawidowicz (JBoss, by Red Hat)


Advanced Queries on the Infinispan Data Grid
Sanne Grinovero (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Extreme Performance and Scalability with Near Caches
Galder Zamarreño (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Java EE in the Cloud
Pete Muir (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Java EE on Google App Engine: CDI to the Rescue
Ales Justin (JBoss, by Red Hat)

JPA applications in the era of NoSQL and Clouds - Introducing OGM
Hardy Ferentschik (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Eventual consistency: coming soon in Infinispan
Manik Surtani (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Cool Stuff

Arquillian - The Extendable Enterprise Test Platform
Aslak Knutsen (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Hibernate Puzzlers
Patrycja Wegrzynowicz (Yonita, Inc.)

Infinispan for Ninja Developers
Mircea Markus(JBoss, by Red Hat)

BoxGrinder: Your Appliances in the Cloud
Marc Savy (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Seam Forge: From Zero to Java EE in 60 seconds
Paul Bakker (Luminis Technologies)

TorqueBox - Where Ruby meets CDI
Marek Goldmann (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Day Two
JBoss Application Server 7

Racing JBoss AS7 bootup across clouds
Adrian Cole (CloudeSoft)

Configuration and Management with JBoss AS7
Emanuel Muckenhuber (JBoss, by Red Hat)

OSGi in complex Enterprise Applications on AS7
Thomas Diesler (JBoss, by Red Hat)

Weld-OSGi: Injecting easyness in OSGi
Mathieu Ancelin (SERLI)

Rapid Enterprise Programming: Testable Development with AS7 and Arquillian
Andrew Lee Rubinger (JBoss, by Red Hat)