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DevNation, San Francisco (April 13-16, 2014)
JUDCon2013:UnitedStates (Boston)



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Bye bye Devoxx '14 - Hello WildFly 8.2 !!!
Nov 24, 2014 8:04 PM by Dimitris Andreadis
You have probably noticed how busy we are at the WildFly / JBoss EAP team churning out releases, we barely find the time to write a quick blog entry and brag about it, so here it goes: the slides from the WildFly BOF at Devoxx 2014. Our regular (5th year in a row) rendezvous with the WildFly/JBoss community.

Nine months have passed since WildFly 8.0 Final was released and it has proved itself as a reliable and performant certified Java EE7 implementation. I have had the opportunity to discuss about WildFly with many people during the conference and I was very pleased to listen to almost *zero* griping about problems and issues. It just works well for most of you and I've heard about many successful migration stories from previous JBoss version and other competing platforms.

The 3 technical things people asked for were:

  1. Multitenancy, or at least access to the multitenancy feature of Hibernate.
  2. Some tooling to let you shrink an installation to whatever your application requires.
  3. A simplified and more traditional style (treeview) graphical console.
 So really, not much :)

Even better, just one week after the BOF and the WildFly team delivered on its promise, so WildFly 8.2 Final was released, with lots of fixes and smaller enhancements, as well as support for the latest CDI 1.2 and WebSockets 1.1 standards. It's a pretty solid release so give it try, download it or install it as an update to a WildFly 8.1 installation, or simply spin a WildFly 8.2 server in the OpenShift Cloud.

This release marks more or less the end of the WildFly 8.x series. A big thanks to the many heroes out there that contributed to the release in any shape and form (ideas, code, documentation, patches, bug reports, forum postings, articles, etc.)

Our team will move on to completing WildFly 9, the first Alpha version of which you can already download and play with.


Best Way to Recap Devoxx 2014 Mastering xPaaS University Session
Nov 12, 2014 11:07 AM by Eric D. Schabell
Mastering xPaaS Uni Session Devoxx 2014
This week Devoxx BE 2014 kicked off in Antwerp, Belgium with my university session.

It was 3 hours of fun and attracted quite a crowd, though impossible to count a room of that size, estimates were over ~500 attendees.

We walked through IaaS (remember, "I don't care!"), PaaS and xPaaS layers with multiple demos to showcase what you can do within the PaaS and xPaaS layers with OpenShift.
The xPaaS showcased a massive collection of JBoss technology products that cover the myriad of aPaaS, iPaaS, mPaaS and bpmPaaS services.

Several collectible antique OpenShift t-shirts and some stickers were given away to the first attendees to show me working PaaS or xPaaS solutions while participating in the session live.
The slides are of course being hosted on our OpenShift PaaS for your viewing pleasure and if you like you can follow along and work through the examples provided as a self-paced workshop.

The session was recorded and should appear on Parleys.com in the near future.

Initial feedback was fun to watch streaming in on social media.
Here are the slides:

Thanks to all who attended and responded online.
How To Get Rid Of Your Cloud Insecurities
Nov 5, 2014 9:16 AM by Eric D. Schabell
Are you worried about mastering the skills it takes to develop applications in the Cloud?

Do you break out in cold sweats when you hear terminology like PaaS, iPaaS, bpmPaaS, aPaaS, xPaaS, hybrid, instances, deployments, gears, configuration or Cloud?

Are you a bit unsure about what you might have to learn, read or what course to follow to get your development toolbox expanded with the skills necessary to make you productive in the Cloud?

We have the perfect way for you to get rid of all these insecurities in a single session at Devoxx next week in Antwerpen, Belgium.

It is a university session that, as previously mentioned, to get you started mastering xPaaS on OpenShift and it will make you completely comfortable with your very own piece of the Cloud.

If you are not aware of them, these university sessions give you in depth material which is presented in two 75 minute sessions with a 30 minute break between. Just like being back in your university days.

Lucky for you, I have been teaching at a Dutch university as a guest lecturer over the years and have just the right amount of work for you to do in our 'class' next week.  Don't worry, the exam will be optional, but attendees should bring a laptop and join in the fun that will be getting hands on and dirty with xPaaS and OpenShift.

No prior knowledge is required, I will get you up to speed and help you to start mastering the Cloud in no time.

Mastering xPaaS - get down and dirty in the OpenShift Cloud 

Ever wondered about all the new Cloud offerings out there? What is a PaaS? What is this thing Garner keeps calling xPaaS? How can I as a beginner get started in a few hours?  

Whether your business is running on applications based on Java EE6, PHP or Ruby, the cloud is turning out to be the perfect environment for developing your business. There are plenty of clouds and platform-as-a-services to choose from, but where to start? 

Join us for three action-packed hours of power where we'll show you how to deploy your existing application written in the language of your choice - Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl or Python, with the project of your choice - jBPM, Ceylon, Switchyard, Drools Planner, Aerogear, GateIn, Drools (Rules / BPM) and more deployed into the OpenShift PaaS in just minutes. All this and without having to rewrite your app to get it to work the way the cloud provider thinks your app should work. 

If you want to learn about xPaaS and see how investing just a few hours of your time can change everything you thought you knew about putting your business applications in the cloud, this session is for you! 

Date: Monday, 10 November
Location: Room 4
Time: 13:30 - 16:30
Asia Pacific Red Hat Technical Exchange - Architect Implement Enable
Nov 3, 2014 2:47 AM by Kenneth Peeples

Architect, Implement, Enable at the Asia Pacific Tech Exchange in Macau in December.  Last year I did multiple sessions for the Asia Pacific Tech Exchange which were done remotely. This year I will be presenting a couple of sessions at APAC RHTE in Macau December 1-5, 2014 in person. 

Keep watching for more information on the sessions and agenda at:

Red Hat provides probably the best software in the world. And it is free, secure and open source too. And we have done quite job providing that value to our customers. It took 20 years to get here but we are merely at the beginning of what started out as an open source revolution. To go forward we will go one step at the time, one customer, one technology, one colleague.

The Red Hat Tech Exchange will provide all that practical knowledge and experience and best practice to you. Become part of a worldwide team of experts, thinkers, consultants, architects and leverage your knowledge while expanding your network at the same time. Besides typical knowledge transfer sessions, there will also be workshops, experience sharing sessions and interactive sessions.

The Red Hat Tech Exchange will host inspiring keynotes on the first morning before we break out in 4 parallel technical tracks. At the end of each day there will be opportunities to network and enjoy the time together. The Red Hat Tech Exchange will end with a panel discussion that recaptures the event. The last day will be used for collaborative initiatives.
Trip Report: OpenSlava 2014
Oct 24, 2014 6:00 AM by unknown
I had the pleasure to attend OpenSlava conference in Bratislava last week. It is a one day event which is comparably new and launched last year. This year it grew even bigger and even expanded to another area at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEI STU) of Bratislava. And as there are no registration fees for the conference, it is a great chance to catch up with a lot of interesting speakers.

Bratislava is a wonderful city and it is a pity that there was barely enough time to see a little bit of it. The organization of the event was great and everything went smoothly. So, thank you to the whole team! If you want to receive updates on the event make sure to follow @OpenSlava on Twitter or like the OpenSlava Facebook page.

I gave a presentation about the 50 Best Features of Java EE 7. The slides are published on speakerdeck. Sorry for having to squeeze everything into 35 minutes. It was a funny rush and I hope the attendees enjoyed it!

And you can also watch the recording of the talk on youtube:

There are many other recordings on the youtube account, so make sure to also check out:
- Mark Little talking about "Open Source Trends"
- Marek Jelen abut how to "Bring DevOps to the Enterprise with PaaS"
- Karoly Nagy and "The next wave in BPM from Red Hat"

I leave you with a bunch of impressions from the venue and the city. Thanks for having me! Looking forward to next year!
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