The browser as a platform.

What if you could use Java, CDI, and JPA in your web browser? What if you could use Java without losing any of the flexibility of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS? The answer is, you can. And that framework is Errai!

How productive can you be with Errai? We think this video speaks for itself: 



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Get Rolling

Errai makes building your rich web application in GWT easier. We cut the boilerplate and promote annotation driven development. With Errai, everything is a bean in the client. Just annotate!

public void App {
  public void helloWorld() {
     Window.alert("Hello, World!");


Get Talking

Talking to the server is much easier, too! Leveraging ErraiBus, you can transparently and easily mix event-based and RPC-based functionality in your app as neccessary. When leveraging the bus, everything in your app is push, everything is asynchronous! 

public void App {
  Caller<MyRpcService> rpcCaller;  

  // ... //
  public void clickHandler(ClickEvent evt) { RemoteCallback<String>() {
      public void callback(String response) { 
        Window.alert("The server said: " + response);


Get Decoupled with CDI

With Errai CDI, the power of the CDI programming model comes to the browser. And it's more than injections, producers and qualifiers. You can hook directly into the server-side eventing system from the client with client observers, which directly use CDI APIs from the browser!

// this is really client code!
public void App {
  @Inject Event<ClientEvent> clientEvent; 

  public void observeServerEvent(@Observes ServerEvent evt) {
    Window.alert("Received an event from server: " + evt.getMessage());

  // .. //
  public void handleClick(ClickEvent evt) { ClientEvent("button was clicked!"));


Get RESTful

Talk RESTful-ly to the server using Errai's JAX-RS module. Lay down a JAX-RS service:

public interface CustomerService {
  public long createCustomer(Customer customer);

And call in from a client side bean!

public class App {
  private Caller<CustomerService> customerService;
  // ... // 
  public void handleClick(ClickEvent evt) { RemoteCallback<Long>() {
      public void callback(Long response) {
  // ..//

It really is that easy. With Errai, you cut the boilerplate. 



Get Started Right Now

Create a started project with our Maven archetype.

If you want to get started with a CDI based project, with all the bells and whistles, then copy and paste this code into your shell. (Note: you need maven installed)


mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.jboss.errai.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=cdi-quickstart -DarchetypeVersion=2.3.2.Final


If you need further instructions, check out this link.

Our most up-to-date documentation is here:



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