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PressGang is the centralized hub JBoss projects can use to get assistance with documentation. If you have any questions about writing professional open source documentation using DocBook XML, you've come to the right place to have them answered.

How We Can Help You

Subject Matter Experts

PressGang can help you create high-quality, consistent XML documentation.

We produce and maintain the PressGang Documentation Guide, a style guide and reference manual for writing DocBook documentation. The guide contains DocBook XML element usage guidelines, grammar guidelines, and instructions on making docs compatible with both Maven jDocbook and Publican, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Project Leads

If your project is currently outgrowing its project wiki as a user documentation source, or your developers are struggling to keep Open Office documentation in sync, PressGang can help. We can help your project transition over to DocBook XML, and provide expertise in documentation build tool configuration.

If you have made the move over to XML and Maven, but are not taking advantage of the pressgang-tools Base Styles, we can help you tweak your build process so your documentation can benefit from the JBoss Look and Feel.

If your project is already using DocBook XML, Maven and jDocBook Plugins, and the pressgang-tools Base Styles, we can provide your team XML authoring support by offering public forums where your team can ask the PressGang team questions.

Community Contributors

If you want to become an active community documentation contributor, PressGang can help you find a project that will suit your skills and experience, and your passion. Many JBoss community projects are desperately seeking translators and community documentation authors so if you want to contribute, get in touch.

Reach out to PressGang


You can connect with us using IRC in the #JBossPressGang freenode.org room.

We are in the room during normal Brisbane (Australia) office hours (GMT +10.00), although some of us might be there after hours.

If you want to quickly ask a question, then this is the place to go.


The JBoss Community forums are a great place to go if you want to start a discussion about anything documentation related. Visit the JBoss Community PressGang site to start talking documentation.


You can also follow our tweets at http://www.twitter.com/PressGang

We're not going to spam you to death, so follow us with confidence.

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