Test in-container!
Arquillian is a revolutionary testing platform built on the JVM that substantially reduces the effort required to write and execute Java middleware integration and functional tests. No more mocks. No more container lifecycle and deployment hassles. Just real tests!

In short...

Arquillian makes integration testing a breeze!

Arquillian brings test execution to the target runtime so you don't have to manage the runtime from the test (or project build). To invert this control, Arquillian wraps a lifecycle around test execution that provides the following services:

  • Manages the lifecycle of one or more containers
  • Bundles the test case, dependent classes and resources as ShrinkWrap archives
  • Deploys the archives to the containers
  • Enriches the test case with dependency injection and other declarative services
  • Executes the tests inside (or against) the containers
  • Returns the results to the test runner for reporting

Arquillian runs with Java 1.5 and above, integrates seamlessly with familiar testing frameworks such as JUnit and TestNG and allows tests to be launched using existing IDE, Ant and Maven test plugins.

Prove it.

Sure thing. Consider an integration test for an EJB. How do you start the container? Deploy the EJB? Get the EJB reference? Run the test in an IDE? Use any EJB container? Arquillian takes care of all that!

Did you think it could be this easy?

That's just the beginning of what's possible!


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