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AeroGear facilitates the development of mobile applications of all kinds (mobile web, native, and hybrid) with JBoss & Java EE 6 via examples, tutorials, client libraries, rapid development extensions ( via JBoss Forge), and enhanced testing techniques with Arquillian.  This includes the latest application development methodologies including HTML5/JavaScript/REST. Combining maven archetypes, wizards within JBoss Developer Studio, quickstarts, and guides AeroGear makes it easy to access the benefits, and power JBoss has to offer, while fully embracing the polyglot nature to modern mobile applications.

Pick up AeroGear quickly by following the TicketMonster "Building the User UI using HTML5 & jQuery" tutorial or any of the following quickstarts:


Errai is a GWT-based framework for building rich web applications using next-generation web technologies. Built on-top of ErraiBus, the framework provides a unified federation and RPC infrastructure with true, uniform, asynchronous messaging across the client and server.

ErraiBus forms the backbone of the Errai framework's approach to application design. Most importantly, it provides a straight-forward approach to a complex problem space. Providing common APIs across the client and server, developers will have no trouble working with complex messaging scenarios from building instant messaging clients, stock tickers, to monitoring instruments. There's no more messing with RPC APIs, or unweildy AJAX or COMET frameworks. We've built it all in to one, consice messaging framework. It's single-paradigm, and it's fun to work with.

Get started with Errai by following the "Dashboard - Real-time Business Monitor" tutorial or any of the following quickstarts or videos:

Rich Faces

The RichFaces framework is a rich component library for JavaServer Faces (JSF). The framework extends the JSF framework's Ajax capabilities with advanced features for enterprise web application development.

RichFaces leverages several parts of the JSF 2 framework including lifecycle, validation, conversion facilities, and management of static and dynamic resources. The RichFaces framework includes components with built-in Ajax support and a customizable look-and-feel that can be incorporated into JSF applications.

RichFaces provides a number of advantages for enterprise web application development: 

  • A full set of AJAX enabled components in two libraries
    • a4j: page centric AJAX controls
    • rich: self contained, ready to use components
  • Client-side validation, expanding JSR 303 Bean Validation all the way to the browser.
  • Advanced queueing to match the high performance requirements of real world enterprise applications.
  • Push component upgrades including JavaMessaging Service (JMS) integrations, and various transport mechanisms based on browser support.
  • Our own Component Development Kit (CDK).
  • Comprehensive documentation covering development best practices, and component details.
  • Detailed and automated testing facilities for components, actions, listeners, and pages.
  • Broad cross-browser support
  • Large and active community at its foundation!!

Get Started with JSF2 and RichFaces by following the "Generating the Admin UI using Forge" tutorial or any of the following  quickstarts:

  • helloworld-jsf (Basic JSF) - Basic example that can be used to verify that the server is configured and running correctly using JSF
  • kitchensink (Basic JSF) - An example that incorporates multiple technologies
  • richfaces-validation (RichFaces and JSF) - Demonstrates RichFaces and bean validation
  • greeter (Basic JSF) -  Demonstrates the use of CDI 1.0, JPA 2.0, JTA 1.1, EJB 3.1 and JSF 2.0
  • numberguess (Basic JSF) - Demonstrates the use of CDI 1.0 and JSF 2.0
  • tasks-jsf (Basic JSF) - Provides a JSF 2.0 as view layer for the tasks quickstart


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