Connecting service-oriented C/C++ with enterprise Java

Bridging the gap between JEE and XATMI, Blacktie provides the tools to allow existing XATMI application programs written in C/C++ to integrate seamlessly into the JBoss stack allowing these applications to migrate easily to the best-of-breed, industry proven, services provided by the JBoss application server stack. As well as providing C++ APIs to support the X/Open XATMI specification, Blacktie also provides the JAtmiBroker API to support clients and services written in Java.

Why you should consider Blacktie when refreshing XATMI applications?

Blacktie provides those features present in even the most established XATMI providers. Leveraging the facilities provided by the market leading JBoss application server, Blacktie is able to provide a reliable, high-performance core framework which application programs can then use to produce premium grade business services.

Easily integrate with other JBoss frameworks Connect your XATMI applications to services written for the JBoss ESB or benefit from JBoss Rules in your JatmiBroker applications.
Significantly reduce costs in comparison with other XATMI brokers JBoss Transactions has built in failure recovery components that handle failures automatically with no manual intervention required. Moreover, the open source license make the product free to download and use.
Simplicity...not complexity The open source licence of Blacktie makes the product free to download and use.
No need to re-write existing C and C++ clients or services Blacktie provides bindings in both C/C++ and Java for clients and services to use.
Unix and Windows support Blacktie can be built on a variety of platforms using the provided Maven and Ant scripts.
Code generation tools Allowing the creation of client and server executables linked against the Blacktie binaries.
JAtmiBroker APIs; JAB and EJB Connector The JAB API is intended for standalone Java applications, whereas the EJB Connector may be used to consume calls from exisitng XATMI clients or to call existing XATMI services from an application server.



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