About the JBoss Community team

The team of people behind the website are dedicated to helping the JBoss Community reach its goals in the most productive and collaborative way possible. Team members are paid employees of Red Hat who work full-time to provide information and resources to the community.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve the site then please feel free to contact us.



Mark Newton

Country: Switzerland
Title: Community Lead

Bio: I was born in Manchester, England in 1974 and first became interested in computers when my father brought home a workstation from Rank Xerox in 1982. A love for technology combined with an interest in music led me to take a degree in Electronics with Music at Glasgow University where I graduated in 1997. I was introduced to J2EE and JBoss 3.0 whilst enhancing trading systems for an investment bank in London, an experience that ultimately led me to join JBoss Inc in 2005. Until March 2007 I acted as the Senior Consultant for JBoss in EMEA where I provided both consulting and training services to a large cross-section of companies. As Community Lead I am responsible for the development of our community infrastructure including the website and making sure that the people can collaborate to develop and use the many projects effectively. My main areas of interest are meta-cognition and helping people to understand open source middleware to increase productivity.


James Cobb

Country: USA
Title: User Interface and Visual Design Lead

Bio: I was born in Houston, Texas 1969. I graduated from the University of Houston with honors with a B.F.A. in Graphic Communications and spent several years doing traditional print graphic design/corporate branding before becoming infatuated with multi-media. Spent my formative web years pursuing user interface design and web branding during the height of the Internet boom. I've worked on a wide variety of corporate websites, portals and intranets. Prior to joining JBoss, designed user interfaces for CRM and website management applications for the automotive industry. I'm dedicated to making the JBoss Community website the best resource possible for the open source community.


Cheyenne Weaver

Country: USA
Title: User Interface and Visual Design

Bio: Cheyenne Weaver graduated with a BFA from CalArts in 2004. Recent work includes user interface design, brand identity and graphic design, illustration, print and sculpture relating to her work with various non-profits involved locally and in developing countries. Upcoming projects include an exhibit entitled Against the Grain, at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Damaged Romantics, held at the Blaffer Gallery in Houston, and most recently the Machine Project Guide to Cultural History and Natural Sciences, exhibited at the Pomona Museum of Art. Cheyenne Weaver lives and works in Austin, Texas.


Ryszard Kozmik

Country: Poland, Warsaw
Title: Senior Software Engineer / Content Management Lead
Projects: Magnolia, JBoss Forums

Bio: I was born in 1983 in Warsaw, Poland where I still live. I got my Master with an engineering degree from Warsaw University of Technology. It's where I started learning Java and decided that I want to work as a Java software engineer. I've started working for JBoss and on JBoss Community infrastructure when I still was on university. Apart from being a Content Management Lead I am also leading JBoss Forums project, which is a forum implementation compatible for deployment on JSR-168 compliant portal. In cas of my free time I'm spending it mainly on listening and reading about the music, riding a bike and ski.


Libor Krzyzanek

Country: Czech Republic
Title: Senior Software Engineer

Bio: I was born in small nice town Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic in 1979. I study Computer science at Technical University in Ostrava where I understood that software is more about engineering rather then just programming or coding :-) Before my work in JBoss I participated on designing and developing software in bank and insurance sector which confirm my opinion that JAVA is good platform to make software ideas alive. From 2009 I'm a senior software engineer on JBoss Community infrastructure projects. Apart from work in JBoss I spend my time walking on the mountains or play on bass guitar in music band "Polamany klarinet".


Vlastimil Elias

Country: Czech Republic
Title: Senior Software Engineer

Bio: I was born in really small village Horky, located near to very nice historical town Litomyšl, Czech Republic, in 1975. After graduation on Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University of Brno, I relocated permanently to second largest Czech city Brno in 2000, and established my living here. I worked as SW engineer and SW architect designing and developing software mainly for financial and public sector. My main interest from begining was Enterprise Java, EAI and messaging systems, SOA, web applications and portals. Spare time I'm spending with my family (being a big fan of my sons' sport successes), reading books, listening and playing music, hiking and cycling.


Lukas Vlcek

Country: Czech Republic
Title: Senior Software Engineer

Bio: Born in the Czech Republic in 1977 and graduated from VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava (Information technologies) in 2000. I started my career as a graphic designer and web developer but I was eventually grabbed by Java and server side coding. I spent many years developing applications for world wide organisations, but after all, my growing passion about Java open source brought me to JBoss in 2009 and my second passion for full text search led me to joining JBoss community team in June 2010. My responsibility (calling would be a better word) is to improve full text search for the web site and make it really rock! What about hobbies? I would name two: music (jazz, swing and brass music in general) and digital illustration but being father of two beautiful kids leaves me with very little spare time.


David Hladky

Country: Czech Republic
Title: Senior Software Engineer

Bio: I was born in Brno (Czech Republic) in 1975. I started with programming in 1992. I graduated at Technical University of Brno. I was a database developer (dBase, FoxPro), then switched to C++ (work on AVG), then again databases (railway infrastructure project for the Czech Railways) and than slowly moved towards Java development (several projects), which is the area of expertize I specialize in in past years. I sing in a choir Vox Iuvenalis for more than half of my life and I like climbing and geocaching. I have a daughter and she is awesome!